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THE RUNNING PATH – Abby Greene enjoys living in Watertown, nestled in the Adirondack Mountains.  Hired as an assignment editor, she is excited to demonstrate her reporting skills covering a local story.  Painful memories resurface when she discovers that the topic deals with teen suicide.  Abby’s childhood friend, Becca, took her own life years ago.   As Abby and fellow reporter Paul delve into this hauntingly familiar issue, several bizarre coincidences arise and the discovery is made that Becca’s death may have been murder.  The research now turns into a dangerous journey that reveals shocking evidence from her investigation.  She encounters a mysterious funeral director, money-hungry relatives and someone that will go to any length to stop her from exposing the truth. As Abby continues to unravel the details as to what is going on in this sleepy little town, she finds each situation becomes more precarious than the last.

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